Dear customerdue to the E-commerce law and new legislation we are obliged to inform you about the details of the ordering process and your right of withdrawal, as stated in 'terms of trade' below. If you would like to print these, please click in your Browsermenu on 'File' and 'Print'.

§ 1 Right of withdrawal

1. You can return your order without reason within 14 days of reception by posting it back to  BlütenSeelen - Annette Knell, Tannerlstraße 17, 93167 Falkenstein, Germany.

The date of postage or written withdrawal is sufficient to comply with the terms of withdrawal. By using your right of withdrawal within 14 days, the sales contract becomes invalid, and we will refund the purchase price immediately after receiving the returned goods. To ensure quick process of your  refund, please supply your bank details. The return of BluetenSeelen essence bottles can only be accepted unopened.

2. In case of a justified withdrawal you are obliged to return the purchased goods to

BlütenSeelen Annette Knell, Tannerlstraße 17, 93167 Falkenstein, Germany.

3. You are obliged to pay for return postage, if the purchase price of the returned goods is below 40 Euro. You are also responsible for the return postage in case of a higher priced purchase goods, if at the time of withdrawal your return service or partial payment has not been made. You are exempt from this, if the goods were sent in error or are not the goods you have ordered.

In all other cases BluetenSeelen refunds the costs of return postage, in both cases the return shipping is at the risk of BluetenSeelen.

4. In case of inappropriate handling or packaging when returning a purchase, we reserve the right for compensation. This is invalid if the damage of packaging is done solely for the purpose of inspection, as would be the case in shopping premises. You can easily forbear any claims for compensation by not taking use or possession of the goods and avoid any action that reduces it's value.

If you have any further questions regarding your right of withdrawal, please contact our service team

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: +49 9462 333 0262 Post to: BlütenSeelen Annette Knell, Tannerlstraße 17, 93167 Falkenstein, Germany

§ 2 Contracting parties, contracting agreement, inclusion of 'Terms of trade' in a contract

1. The sales contract is between you and BlütenSeelen, Annette Theresia Knell, Tannerlstraße 17, 93167 Falkenstein
  GSTnumber  DE814766236. The goods are shipped from the above address.

2. The contract is legally binding and finalized by an offer from your side (ordering of goods) and acceptance of that offer by BluetenSeelen.

3. Offer: By pressing the order 'button' on the ordering page of the shop, your order, as visible on the shop's webpage, will be transferred to BluetenSeelen.

4. Acceptance: BluetenSeelen accepts the offer of purchase by sending the ordered goods or a confirmation of the order via e-mail, if the goods cannot be shipped immediately. A confirmation of the order can only be sent out via e-mail, if you have supplied your e-mail address on the order form.
5. Unless other arrangements have been made, the 'terms of trade' are an integral part of any contract.
6. Additional shipping costs due to an incorrect delivery address or receiver are at the expense of the customer, unless not within the customers responsibility.

§ 3 Prices
1. All our prices are final purchase prices and GST inclusive.
2. The total balance of the invoice is made up out of the price of the goods ordered plus postage.

§ 4 Reservation of proprietary rights
Until payment is made in full, the goods remain the sole property of BluetenSeelen.

§ 5 Shipping, contract implementation and payment

1. Goods, if available, are usually shipped within 1-5 working days. If you need a product by a certain date, please fill in the additional information on the order form.

2. If individual goods of an order are not immediately available, you will first receive the immediately available goods and we will ship the additional goods our expense at a later date, when they become available.

3. Payment is due in advance. Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for the sending of cash or cheques in cases of loss.

§ 6 Privacy clause

1. All data provided will not be disclosed to associated companies or third parties.

2. It is mandatory for us to impart your address details to a carrier for the purpose of shipping or your account detail to our bank.

3. Your personal details will not be used for any other purpose, than the processing of your order.

§ 7 Cost of shipping
1. The cost of shipping within Germany is generally 4,90 €. If your order is under 100 grams of weight, the shipping costs are 2,90 €, if the weight is over 10 kilograms, the shipping costs are 12,50 €.

2. Shipping to other EU countries is generally 13,50 €.

3. Shipping cost to other, non EU countries is subject to the costs occurring, please contact us for further information.

4. If the 'terms of trade' are illegible or you are unable to print, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members. We will gladly forward our 'terms of trade' via e-mail or post.

§ 8 We accept no responsibility by incorrect use of our product BluetenSeelen or beyond it's expiry date.

1. Products of the BluetenSeelen series are suitable for the use specified on the data sheet only, the data sheet is sent out by the manufacturer with the purchase. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for damages caused by any other than the intended use, as specified by the manufacturer, to the customer or third parties respectively.

2. Some BluetenSeelen products are labelled with an expiry date. The manufacturer can only guarantee for the quality of the product within that specified period of time. The products should not be used beyond their expiry date and if done so, it is without the consent of the manufacturer and at the risk and responsibility of the consumer.

§ 9 Mechanisms of action of BluetenSeelen
Products sold as the BluetenSeelen series are not classified as medication or pharmaceutical drugs. They have no pharmacological effects, if used according to the manufacturer's instructions, therefor they cannot replace a medical diagnosis or treatment, let alone medication, considered necessary by a medical professional.

§ 10 Concept of the manufacturer's personal experience
The manufacturing of the product series BluetenSeelen is based on a concept of the manufacturer's personal experience. The manufacturer has tested all products of the series BluetenSeelen exclusively on herself. Examinations and analysis with regards to mechanisms of actions, are based on the personal experiences of the manufacturer. Due to this manufacturing process, the application of the products is without guarantee of any success and can only be a recommendation, as BluetenSeelen is neither a method of healing nor a form of therapy.  Together with the affirmations printed on the labels of each BluetenSeelen essence bottle, the products only work within the realms of the soul. The products act as a transporting agent in the body, that transfer positive vibrations from  herbal biophotones.

§ 11 Copyrights
The contents and images of this website are the sole property of BluetenSeelen and subject to copyrights. The use of the contents and images of this website is only possible with our express consent and permission.