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Clear Thinking 10 ml

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I cool, calm and clear your mind and fill you with restful celestial light, I improve your concentration and astuteness, you will radiate self-confidence. Your mind will be filled with calm and composure in exams, negotiations, job interviews and public speeches. Your knowledge and wisdom will simply flow out of you. My powers will open the 6th chakra or third eye and develop your intuition. 

Tip: I help children and adults as a mental preparation and source of courage before exams or similar situations, such as job interviews and difficult negotiations. Apply me several times a day to the vertex of the head. I strongly calm restlessness and agitation. 

Contents: Well water, certified organic alcohol (38%), herbal blend

The essence comes with the corresponding BluetenSeelen card, if you like, you can of course also receive the essence without the card. 

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