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Cuckoo Flower - Love of yourself

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You are a fine and sensitive child of the earth with great intuition. You are happily sociable and rarely show others your inner vulnerability. Your self doubt makes you insecure. I calm your nervousness and strengthen your intuition, so you can perceive the aura of others easier. I strengthen the love of yourself and let you be less harsh in your self judgement. Showing your vulnerability makes you strong. 

I serve the laughing souls of children with the mentality of a clown, who hide their insecure sensitivity behind a playful appearance. I raise their self confidence and feeling of self worth. I soothe anxiety of exams.  

Application: 3 drops massaged 1-3 times per day onto the heart chakra and chakra of the forehead and/ or the inside of the wrists. Fan into the aura.

Contents: Well water, certified organic alcohol (38%), Cardamine pratensis

The essence comes with the corresponding BluetenSeelen card, if you like, you can of course also receive the essence without the card. 

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