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Terms and Conditions

1. The image of a BlütenSeele, you are drawn to and that attracts you the most.

The few BluetenSeelen images, preferably only between one and three, you touch the most frequently or you spontaneously like best, are the currently most important for you. You can choose your favorite BluetenSeele from the gallery below. If you clic onto the image you, will be diverted directly to our shop. Please be aware, there might be a slight delay in the upload. Your choice will be 95% correct, because every living being expresses and shows it's inside on the outside. You can also obtain a BluetenSeelen card set to choose your BluetenSeelen at home. For additional reassurance which BluetenSeele is currently the most suitable, you can re-test your decision with a pendulum, biotensor, kinesiology or other testing methods.

2. Let a BluetenSeelen consultant test out the most suitable essence.

BluetenSeelen consultants are trained and experienced in handling and prescribing BluetenSeelen and medicinal herbs and usually work in healing professions. They have got profound knowledge of medicinal herbs or about human psychology. All BluetenSeelen consultants have completed their training with me personally and are updated regularly about the latest experiences. Here you can find a consultant nearby. LInk

3. Yarrow
I mostly consider yarrow, if someone cannot decide on a card. The effect is always positive, because the BluetenSeele Yarrow removes indecision and and unclarity.

4. Another option is to draw the cards upside down.
Keep your eyes closed, so you cannot read the names on the back of the BluetenSeelen cards.