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BluetenSeelen (German for flower souls)  are energy essences created from native bavarian wild herbs. These elixirs capture the unique spirit hosted in each plant, expressions of nature's helpful powers to support your personal emotional growth and soul development.

BluetenSeelen are lovingly handcrafted by the German naturopath Annette Knell herself, to achieve their following extraordinary qualities.

1. Pure and natural
The herbs are sourced from natural places of power, away from civilization, that were discovered by observing heavenly signs and directions.

2. Freshness and attentiveness
Only the most healthy and radiant wild herbs in their natural environment are selected. They are immediately processed in sunlight with great care, gratitude and respect for Mother Earth.

3. Quality
BluetenSeelen contains only highest quality ingredients, purest well water, alcohol from certified organic sources and freshly harvested wild herbs. Every BluetenSeelen elixir is stored a unique violet glass bottle, proven most suitable to preserve the bio energy and light energy of the essences.

4. Magic
The essences are created according to germanic-celtic healing traditions, under consideration of the astrological positions of sun and moon.

5. Tradition and environmental considerations
People will respond best to the herbs in their direct environment, therefor BluetenSeelen deliberately uses locally growing, traditional herbs from Upper Palatinate, Lower Bavaria and Upper Bavaria.

6. Experience
Annette Knell, an experienced naturopath and spiritual medium has received the messages directly from the respective herbs in their natural environment. To protect the biodiversity of plants, BluetenSeelen only uses commonly found wild herbs, that offer themselves as a gift.