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Terms and Conditions


BlütenSeelen are applied externally.
Adults should apply a 1-3 times a day 3 drops either on
1. the inside of the wrists or chest
and/or the recommended chakras. 
Children should apply 3 drops once a day at the most,as described above.

In case of alcohol intolerance, it is possible to mix the BluetenSeelen into a cream. You can take up to two BluetenSeelen parallel at the time, but they should be applied in separately with time intervalls in-between.

Duration of application
In general, BlutenSeelen are applied as long as the emotional process lasts or the problem is resolved. More about this in the book BluetenSeelen.

BlütenSeelen in emergencies
A more frequent application such as 3 drops every 2 hours is only recommend in emergencies such as:
acute accidents, sudden loss of a person, shock and fright, violent events, extreme fear of exams, Performances, flights etc.
A day after the emergency the drops should be reduced to the normal dosage again. After one to three days the treatment should be ended.

In most cases one or two external applications on the day of the event is sufficient for children.

My tip:
1. Strong and acute fears will be alleviated by the blend 'Clear Thinking' , St Johns Wort or Cowslip.
2. Acute emotional trauma and shock: Meadowsweet or 'Protection and Cleansing'
3. Physical shock or acute pain of a physical Trauma: Wood Anemone, the blend 'Protection and Cleansing' or Greater    Celandine.

'Protection and Cleansing' is a blend for emergencies.

BluetenSeelen work energetically, they cannot replace conventional medication, a consultation with your doctor, psychotherapist or alternative health practitioner and are taken at your own risk and responsibility.

Application for animals
Animals too can suffer emotionally. The owner usually knows their animal well and is able to choose the appropriate BluetenSeele. The keywords of the BluetenSeelen descriptions provide a guidance, alternatively you can use a pendulum or test the BluetenSeele. Greater Celandine can help animals with physical or emotional trauma. Impatient or irritable animals might be helped with Liverwort, fearful animals might benefit from St Johns Wort or the blend 'Clear Thinking' or Cowslip.
To treat animals, give 3-6 drops into the coat on the back of the neck or chest. Depending on the size and nature of complaints of the animal the dosage can be increased.
For an internal application the owner usually knows, if his animal tolerates a few drops of alcohol and can give the recommended dosage accordingly. As a general rule for small animals the dosage for children provide a suitable guideline. Bigger animals such as large dogs and horses can receive a dosage suitable for an adult and more.