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Holunder – Durchhaltekraft 10ml

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I am a source of strength in times of stress and give you endurance. I am helpful in periods of upheaval and effort. I help you endure challenges and allow changes to happen more easily and smoothly, but most of all, I lend you strength. Remain confident and completely committed to your path, it will be worth it. You are doing all the right things, but you still need to strengthen your body. Let your fellow human beings help you. My gift is zest for love, the life force that substitutes exhaustion. 

Tip: In times of stress I am at your service with strength and protection, in learning and exam periods I am by your side giving you self-confidence and a positive outlook. 

Application: 3 drops massaged 1-3 times per day onto the sacral and/ or heart chakra and solar plexus and/ or the inside of the wrists and fan into the aura.

Contents: Well water, certified organic alcohol (38%), Sambucus nigra

The essence comes with the corresponding BluetenSeelen card, if you like, you can of course also receive the essence without the card. 

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